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Kentucky Coffee at Adam's Eve

When general manager Dwight King decided to add a hot drink to the ever-changing cocktails menu at Adam's Eve, he knew he wanted something that was traditional and unique at the same time. Using bourbon as his guide, King came up with Kentucky Coffee ($7), a variation on the Irish favorite. It's a striking cocktail for its inviting look (ready for its close-up on a Starbucks-for-adults poster) and soothing taste. It's easy to imagine cozying up with a book, a blanket and Kentucky Coffee -- a comfort drink above else. "I knew cherry and coffee go well together because of amaretto," King says. "I figured the cherry from the Red Stag would be a hit." He was right. The black cherry from the infused bourbon cleanly cuts through the bitterness of the dark roast coffee. The whipped cream and bourbon-infused cinnamon are cute accompaniments, but the surprising star here is the bourbon cream liqueur, which adds a sweet and luscious quality. Put it all together and you get a drink that almost makes winter's bitter winds and constant threats of snow worth the trouble. Almost. --Wesley Case
Josh Sisk, for The Baltimore Sun
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