David London, magician

At 7 years old, David London "discovered" he was a magician. "I was invited to a family event," he says, "A black tie function. While I was at the tuxedo rental place I insisted on getting a black top hat and a white-tipped cane." When his family was called up on stage to be recognized, London lingered, and when the crowd's attention was fully his, he says, "I pulled a rabbit out of my hat." Now, London performs for a variety of audiences, and his tricks have evolved beyond cliche -- consider the one in which he proves the psychic potential of his uncle's collection of six celebrity toenail clippings (from Bob Barker, Mick Jagger, Richard Nixon, Sally Struthers, and both Danny and Marie Osmond). London has recently launched his own circus company, Circus of Wonders, which he calls "a one-stop circus for hire," featuring Dai Andrews, as well as Bubble Fairy Jennifer Stephens, Goblin Wedji Tucheeks, Middle Eastern Dance, the didgeridoo, and Ambush, "a mobilized posse of shrubbery with a mind of its own." London hosts the three-day "David London's Weekend of Magic" at Theatre Project January 11 to 13, which will feature performances, workshops, and special guest appearances.
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