Maryland's best beers

Five years ago, this would have been a much shorter list. It's hard to believe how fast Maryland's brewing scene has grown -- from upstarts like Evolution to veteran brands such as Flying Dog. In a few months, you'll start to see cans from our latest addition, Union Craft Brewing. What better time to be a local beer lover? With Baltimore Beer Week just around the corner, we sampled about 50 Maryland bottled and canned beers, looking for the most all-around appealing IPAs, porters, pale ales and more. Granted, there are plenty more local brews available on tap -- most notably Oliver Ales -- but we kept this list to beers you can find in stores. We're no beer snobs, but we do love a good brew. Especially one from Maryland. Here's a toast to 20 of the state's best.
Algerina Perna, Baltimore Sun
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