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Denise Whiting

This time last year, Denise Whiting was loathed by many Baltimoreans. How dare she trademark the word "hon?," they asked. Protesters marched outside Whiting's restaurant, Cafe Hon, and business fell off. For help, Whiting turned to an unlikely savior: Chef Gordon Ramsay, host of the TV show "Kitchen Nightmares." It was just what she needed. At Ramsay's request, Whiting made a public apology, dropped her trademark of "hon" and completely revamped the Hampden restaurant. Watching the episode, we couldn't help but feel sorry for all Whiting went through. But she's better now. Honfest, her annual celebration of beehives and cat's eye glasses, went off without a hitch this summer, and Cafe Hon is much improved. We'll have an order of the meatloaf, with a side of (completely legal) Charm City kitsch.
Amy Davis, the Baltimore Sun
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