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Morgan State University

Best dorms If you have an honors scholarship or have a GPA of 3.2 or higher and prefer a calmer living environment, you may want to consider living in the honors dorms: Harper-Tubman for women and Cummings for men. However, the easiest way to meet friends is to live in the freshmen dorms -- Blount Towers for women or Rawlings Hall for men. Best hangouts In the warmer months, the parking lot behind Blount Towers is always a fun place to get together with your friends in the evening. If you are lucky someone may start blasting music from their car and get a mini-party started. Best on-campus wi-fi Both the University Student Center (USC) and Earl S. Richardson Library provide free wi-fi. Use your Morgan log-in to access the internet. If you grab a blanket and sit in the courtyard by the old Soper Library, you can access the internet while catching a few sun rays. Morgan is in the process of installing wi-fi around the entire campus and it is already available in some academic buildings and dorms. Extracurricular activities Get active in extracurricular activities as early as possible. The Office of Student Activities holds an annual Student Organization Fair during fall semester. Visit the fair, snag some free cotton candy and popcorn and sign up for any activities that interest you. Don't forget about joining the academic club for your major. It's a great resource for academic support and internship opportunities. Greek life Morgan has a very active and strong Greek life. All members of the Divine Nine are active on-campus. Intake for the Divine Nine occurs during fall semester and during spring semester for the social fellowships. You have to be at least a sophomore to pledge. Keep your GPA up and good luck. Best on-campus food Stay away from the all-you-can-eat buffet in Rawlings Hall. The only meal worth eating there is breakfast, which is especially good on Sunday mornings. Instead, use your meal plan in the Canteen, located in the University Student Center (USC) for better food options. Best on-campus event Homecoming (pictured) at any historically African-American college or univesity is a momentous event, but at Morgan it is like no other. Buy your package for homecoming early, get dressed to impress and attend the concert, comedy show and fashion show. Don't miss the parade or be surprised if you see alumni cheerleaders hitting cartwheels in heels on the field during game day. Must-see attraction Behind Montebello is the old abandoned haunted alumni house. I'm not telling you to go take a ghost tour at night, but you are a chicken if you don't at least try. --By Krishana Davis, a May 2012 graduate who majored in political science and print journalism
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