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Best free wi-fi off-campus The Starbucks across Dulaney Valley Road from campus is usually a good bet. Not many students go there, because our library is awesome and open 24/7. Best hidden gem near school Although it's mainly filled with hungover Towson University students on the weekend, you are bound to see some fellow Goucher peers getting their bagel-fix at Towson Hot Bagels (pictured). The bagels are delicious and the service is super quick. Favorite on-campus place to study The Athenaeum is our library/student center. It is open 24/7, has a decked-out computer lab, four levels of stacks, comfy chairs, and a cafe that's open until 2 a.m. My favorite spot is the 2nd floor quiet area at one of the cubicles. I usually drag over one of the comfy chairs to my desk and set up camp. What surprised me most about Baltimore There is so much to do here! People are usually afraid to venture out of the 'Goucher Bubble.' But honestly, Baltimore has so much to offer and always has free and cheap events that more college students should check out. Best school event GIG (Get Into Goucher). Goucher cancels classes on a Friday afternoon in the spring and the programming board organizes a carnival with great food and good bands at night. What to do on the weekend The Office of Student Engagement at Goucher guarantees programming every Thursday through Saturday night. So there is always something to do, whether it is a dance, a concert on the quad, or open mic night in the Gopher Hole (our on-campus coffee house). We don't have Greek life at Goucher so parties are usually small gatherings in a friend's room or apartment. Nothing too crazy, y'all. But don't worry -- the lacrosse team usually throws crazy parties off campus and some students go to the frats at Hopkins. There are also bars in Towson like Charles Village Pub, where you will usually find Goucher students. Best student transportation Goucher is part of the Baltimore Collegetown Shuttle, which takes you to basically every college and university in the area. It's an easy and free way to get around. Also, Goucher is the first stop on one of the lines, so we are guaranteed spots on the bus. There is also a light rail in Lutherville, right up York Road. Must-take classes Anything with Mary Marchand. More specifically, American Studies 205. Mary is a wonderful person and teacher. You don't have to be an American Studies major to take the class, but come with an open mind and be ready to participate. What I wish someone had told me when I was a freshman Bring rain gear. It rains a lot in Baltimore in the fall; usually when you least expect it. Take advantage of the fact that Baltimore is so close. I hate that I am going to be a junior and am just now realizing how amazing and fun this city is. Explore the woods! We have 287 acres of land and amazing trails that make you forget you are in a city. by Jaclyn Peiser, junior, communication and American studies major
Brian Krista
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