Coppin State

What surprised me most about Baltimore The reality goes farther than the perception. Baltimore, specifically North Avenue where Coppin is located, is perceived as nothing great. Now in my junior year at Coppin, I believe it's the complete opposite. Just from adding the Health and Human Services building and the upcoming ground breaking of the Science and Technology Center, North Avenue is changing for the better. Best school events All of the students at Coppin get pumped for the upcoming basketball season during Midnight Mayhem. It's also a way for students to make new friends. It's one of the only days (besides homecoming) that the PEC arena is packed. And around Valentine's Day, they hold a speed dating, which is a great way to meet new students and other folks who don't go to Coppin. Best non-school event The recent Ball Up Basketball Tour (pictured) not only caught the attention of Coppin students but also a large portion of the community. Best public transportation When traveling locally, the MTA bus and Metro are both affordable. If you're heading to other counties, the MARC train is excellent. What I wish someone had told me when I was a freshman The importance of staying on top of Financial Aid. Of course, high school counselors always said to apply for as many scholarships as possible. But you need to stay on top of your school bills all the way, or they might get away from you -- even if you have decent grades. -- By Bernard Reeves, junior, applied psychology major
Algerina Perna / The Baltimore Sun
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