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Great Baltimore cocktails, Dawn's Fall Candy at Walt's Inn

Beloved by all for its packed-to-the-gills karaoke action on weekends and more Jell-O shots that any human fist can shake at, Walt's Inn has been one of the tried and true dive bars of the Canton scene for ages.

The very last thing you'd ever expect to see there was an actual cocktail in an actual glass. Until now.

Bartender Dawn Green, a Little Italy native and part-time bartender at Walt's, will frequently concoct large-volume creations with cute names to dispense to the masses. But while paying her a visit on a recent Saturday afternoon she became overjoyed at the opportunity to create a legitimate cocktail that was initially intended to be a boozy analog of candy corn — "Everybody likes candy corn!" she exclaimed. But fortunately (for me, at least — I can't stand candy corn) it wound up being something we now lovingly call Dawn's Fall Candy.

Green's concoction is indeed a sweet, creamy mix of sugary flavors coming together to form something more akin to a cinnamon creamsicle, if such a thing ever existed. Pinnacle Whip, Stoli Orange, Hot Damn, Liqueur 43 and orange juice form the initial mix which is then swirled with Bailey's Irish Cream just before pouring over ice — and then topped with whipped cream and sprinkles. It's like arriving at a birthday party for your mouth and you're the only one (or possibly a guest!) invited.

As with many whipped topped libations Dawn's Fall Candy can be enjoyed as is while nibbling away at sprinkles and topping, or mixed together entirely for an added cream factor. It was an enjoyable experience either or, as naturally we had to try it both ways. It's important work.

Halloween and its associated giant bags of candy may have passed, but fall is still very much here and you might as well enjoy it. Will Dawn Green make a candy for each and every season? This reviewer hopes so — perhaps a peppermint swirl for the winter is soon to come.

How to make Dawn's Fall Candy

1 oz. Pinnacle Whipped Cream vodka

1 oz. Stolichnaya Orange vodka

3/4 oz. DeKuyper Hot Damn

3/4 oz. Liqueur 43

1 1/4 oz. orange juice

Bailey's Irish Cream

Whipped cream


Combine all ingredients except Bailey's in a shaker and portion 3/4 volume with 1/4 volume Bailey's while pouring, top with whipped cream and Jimmies/sprinkles.

Where to get Dawn's Fall Candy

Walt's Inn

3201 O'Donnell St., Canton



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