Raise Your Glass: The Veev Mule, Gordon Biersch Brewery

The folks at Gordon Biersch Brewery have a passion. Surprisingly, despite the name, it's not just for beer (though their German lagers will keep aficionados busy).

Instead, their brand is defined by craft: From brew to food to cocktail and anywhere in between, the newly opened Harbor East restaurant believes in made-from-scratch, small-batch meals and beverages that customers can get excited about. Though handcrafted beer is their first love, Gordon Biersch brewery aims to "up the ante" with their drink program as well, elevating it to craft-level by infusing quality brands, fresh flavors, and sustainable products into their cocktails. The Veev Mule, a modern twist on the classic Moscow Mule, is a refreshing example of what happens when a craft brew pub makes a great stiff drink.

The [Veev] Mule "smacks you in the face," quipped Stuart Melia, vice President of beverage. But truthfully, he's not far off. Fresh mint, lime and ginger ale give it an incredibly aromatic nose. But the drink really delivers unique flavor from the main ingredient, Veev Acai Liqueur, a spirit made entirely of the berry. The result is a mellow little cocktail, a bit sweet, a bit spicy — well-balanced and sparkling.

Sound a little too light for a brewery experience? Not if you're not into beer, like me. In fact, I was incredibly excited to see a full menu of eleven cocktail offerings, made with premium liquor like Hendrick's Gin and Tito's Vodka.

Melia notes that the Veev Mule has been their most successful crossover at other Gordon Biersch chains because of the accessibility of the ingredients. "Men are attracted to the ginger-based spirits from ordering bourbon drinks, while women really take to the antioxidant trend of the acai," he said. "It's really a drink for any taste group."

How to Make The Veev Mule

11/4 oz. Veev Acai Liqueur

6 large mint leaves (torn in half)

1 lime wedge (squeeze and drop in glass)

Muddle all ingredients in a serving glass. Fill with ice and ginger ale. Garnish with a lime wedge.

Where to Get The Veev Mule

Gordon Biersch Brewery

1000 Lancaster St., Suite B, Harbor East



$9/$6 during happy hour

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