Great Baltimore cocktails: The Stable Punch, Mount Vernon Stable and Saloon

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Great Baltimore cocktails: The Stable Punch, Mount Vernon Stable and Saloon

One of Mount Vernon's favorite basement bars, the Mount Vernon Stable and Saloon, is celebrating its 30th birthday this month, so there is no time like the present to hitch your horse to its doors (or just take a cab, if you prefer) and sidle up to the cocktail menu.

Though there are plenty of refreshing options available, stick with the basics and go for the time-honored cocktail that bears the establishment's name (sort of) — the Stable Punch.

Sounds like a karate move, tastes like fruit punch.

Indeed, with equal parts Stolichnaya, Disaronno amaretto and Southern Comfort all blended together with pineapple and grenadine, the Stable Punch goes down smooth and packs a punch.

Sweet, sweet pineapple complements the spicy notes of Southern Comfort alongside the velvety almond essence of Disaronno to produce a very smooth and equally refreshing happy-hour experience, whether it's your birthday or the birthday of the bar you're drinking at.

The additional kick thrown in by Stolichnaya vodka amps up the booze factor in an almost undetectable fashion, making the Stable Punch strong enough to make even the most experienced imbiber unstable. Enjoy this liquid candy slowly and responsibly.

Bartender Ashley Thompson reiterated the power of the punch. "Whenever people ask me about it, I tell them it's non-threatening," she said. "The 'punch' doesn't come until the end when you get up to go to the bathroom and realize you've had enough."

When enjoying the Stable Punch, stay stable and don't get knocked out by the punch.

How to make the Stable Punch

Equal parts:

Stolichnaya vodka

Disaronno or Bols amaretto

Southern Comfort


Pineapple juice


Combine vodka, amaretto and Southern Comfort in a shaker and agitate over ice. Strain into glass over ice, add splash of grenadine. Fill to top with pineapple juice, garnish with lime wedge and cherry.

Where to get the Stable Punch

Mount Vernon Stable and Saloon

909 N. Charles St., Mount Vernon



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