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To our readers

This week is the final edition of b. Soon, the familiar orange boxes will disappear. But, those of us lucky enough to have been a part of b will always feel pride in our success.

Launched as a daily in 2008, b was positioned as a competitor to the daily Examiner, which closed in 2009. But the small, passionate group at b's core was also intent on creating the kind of newspaper Baltimore had never seen before – reaching younger residents through smart, fun and engaging storytelling and sharing readers' voices in print and online.

Many of the stories we covered were not told elsewhere. Or not told in the same way. We camped out in a hotel to cover a snowpocalypse, tried out roller derby for you, challenged you to try as many local meat dishes as humanly possible. We detailed (only) 100 reasons Baltimore is better than D.C.

We chronicled the election of the nation's first black president, reported on the prospect of gay marriage in Maryland, saw it become legal, and then covered the fight for transgender rights. Of course, we reveled in every Joe Flacco touchdown pass and Chris Davis homerun.

Much of what you (and we) love about b will still exist with our parent publication, at and in The Baltimore Sun: our coverage of nightlife and the music scene, our passion for pop culture, and the voices of our Baltimore living and relationships columns.

Thank you for reading, and thank you for contributing. It's been an adventure for this still-small, still-passionate group — and one we were so happy to take with you.


Jordan Bartel


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