The top 5 new sex toys of 2014

The future of sex toys is high tech.

A recent New York Times story (yes, they cover sex toys now), highlighted items such as the RealTouch, a "USB-connected sex toy said to have been designed by a NASA engineer that promises 'interactive sex' with another person over the Internet." There's also the "Fundawear," a Durex experimentation, that includes "a pair of his/her underpants with vibrating nodes that can be remotely activated by an iPhone."

And at the recent AVN Adult Entertainment Expo in Last Vegas, the sex-industry's super-prom, some of the products included an $8,500 Real Doll, which may or not be the first step toward robot-involved sex.

It all got us curious about sex toys in 2014. Since we're assuming some of the high-tech items might scare you (and your wallet), we reached out to Jacq Jones, the owner of Hampden adult store Sugar, to get her take on the best new sex toys of the year.

"For years, the industry produced cheap, low-quality toys made from questionable materials," said Jones, who called sex toys "the Sriracha of sex" because it "adds a new dynamic to sex with a partner." "Today, we have access to well-designed products that are made out of materials that are safe to use in and on our bodies."

Below, Jones outlines her five favorite sex toys introduced this year (all of which happen to be available at Sugar, 927 W. 36th St.; Happy shopping!

We-Vibe 4

The We-Vibe first came out in 2008 and quickly became the best-selling sex toy for couples in the world. The We-Vibe provides G-spot and clitoral stimulation at the same time and (here's the kicker) it is designed to be worn during sex. Everyone gets vibration. And, since 70 percent of women need clitoral stimulation to have an orgasm, it opens up all kinds of fun possibilities for orgasms during intercourse. The new version of this best seller is stronger, water-proof, rechargeable and is covered in a silky smooth silicone with a new, more-ergonomic design. It even has a remote control so you can change the intensity or the pattern when you're in the middle of things. $160 (retail price);

Tenga Eggs

A cute little guy for the man in your life. Its hard case that's shaped like an Easter egg. When you open the egg, you find a squishy, pre-lubricated masturbation sleeve that stretches to accommodate most folks. Each sleeve has a different texture on the inside for his pleasure. Tenga Eggs are even great additions to the Magic Wand vibrator. Slip this over the head of the Magic Wand for a completely different experience. $8-$12;

Stronic Drei

The folks at Fun Factory are changing the game. This isn't a vibrator — it thrusts. With 10 different patterns, ridged silicone and the ability to be 100 percent submersible, this baby is an amazing G-spot stimulator. And completely different from anything else you've seen. $199;

Hello Touch

Have you ever wished your fingertips could vibrate? Now they can. This toy comes with two thin silicone-covered pads that slip on your fingertips and are attached to a battery pack you wear around your wrist. Great to use alone (regardless of your gender or genitals) or with partner. $65;


For years there hasn't been a great vibrator for men. Until now. The Pulse can be used with a partner or alone. It's great for every guy, including men with erectile dysfunction. It's also the first sex toy that can provide pleasure to a man with or without an erection. It can be used to provide vibration to a partner, too. $99;

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