Staff Q&A: Which bar theme should come to Baltimore?

A corruption-themed bar. Everyone gets a fur coat and pays with needy families' gift cards.

Luke Broadwater, reporter, The Baltimore Sun

Baltimore is long overdue for a furries/plushies-themed gathering place. Barring that, an anime/manga bar to keep the Otakon vibe going all year long.

Anne Tallent, editor, b

If Seacrets ever opens here, we'll be set. (Set for what exactly? Well ... I'm not sure.)

Wesley Case, reporter, b

I just saw "True Life: I'm a Chubby Chaser." Something related to that makes sense. Potential bar name: Chaserz.

Jordan Bartel, assistant editor, b

Any good, upscale bar would be welcome. Baltimore is always in need of new places where a dressy attire is required.

John-John Williams IV, reporter, The Baltimore Sun

I love speakeasy-themed bars … Prohibition-era style. There's one in NYC that serves beer bottles wrapped in paper bags!

Mick Lee, Z104.3

Bring a camping bar to Baltimore! Outdoor fire pit, s'mores, forest décor and a bear in the corner (take that to mean what you wish.)

Olivia Hubert-Allen, community manager, The Baltimore Sun

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