Greg LaRocque, 58, Nottingham

Titles you've worked on: "Flash," "Legion of Super Heroes," "Spider-Man," "The Avengers." Current title is "The Regulators" for Advent Comics. How long have you been drawing comics? My first published work was in 1980 for DC Comics, a splash page for "Unexpected." So I guess you could actually say my career started in horror. Or was it "Mystery in Space?" It's been so long! How long have you been reading comics? Fantastic Four No. 1 hooked me for life. The advantages of comics as a medium? There are many. The ongoing serial aspect to the story and character development over time is nice when you're on a book for a while. Also, the explosion of the independent books has led to much more opportunity for other than ‘mainstream' work to be published and seen. ... I guess creating a world and characters that fans grow to love and respect and come to think of as almost alive (see "Big Bang Theory"), and knowing your work touches so many, is a very nice thing.
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