Introducing '101 days and nights in Baltimore'

101 of the things that make Baltimore Baltimore

Baltimore headlines of late have focused on allegations of police brutality, protests, riots, violent crime and other concerns that highlight tough problems that need sustained focus and care to fix.

The news makes clear how divided Baltimore can be.

Yet there remains the shared heritage and gritty ethic that unite this town.

Baltimore is a city of monuments and marble steps, of crab cakes and Natty Boh, of Orioles and Ravens and pleasures great and small.

Trite, some might say. But they're markers of Baltimore's identity. They're symbols of a city with a rich culture and history to explore and appreciate. In all the tumult and unrest and groping about for explanations of recent months, perhaps we need to be reminded of that.

In that spirit of wonder and appreciation, we'd like to offer a little something to highlight the myriad facets of this patch of land on the Patapsco — 101 uniquely Baltimore experiences, civic treasures to be enjoyed, perhaps to be rediscovered.

From duckpin bowling at Patterson Lanes to strolling the Jones Falls (the stream, not the expressway) to standing on Pennsylvania Avenue in the shadow of Billie Holiday, here are five-score (plus one) ways to spend a day or night, to remind ourselves why Baltimore is a place to live, and work, and play.

Contributors are Wesley Case, Laura Barnhardt Cech, Darcy Costello, Eduardo A. Encina, Ron Fritz, John Fritze, Ben Gantt, Richard Gorelick, Meekah Hopkins, Chris Kaltenbach, Mary Carole McCauley, Donna Owens, Kit Waskom Pollard, Susan Reimer, Tim Smith, Andrea Stoller, John-John Williams IV, David Zurawik

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