2018 Maryland State Fair A-Z Guide

It’s not required that everyone go to the Maryland State Fair, but it’s sure recommended.

For over a century and a quarter, Marylanders have been flocking to Timonium every summer for a taste of all the wonderful stuff the Free State has to offer. You want prize-winning cows, huge pumpkins, thrilling amusement rides, thoroughbred racing and the chance to win a stuffed panda bear? Of course you do. The Maryland State Fair offers all that, and more.

The following A-Z list isn’t all-inclusive — we’re especially sorry to have left out the Celebrity Milk Shake Contest — but it is all-encompassing. Check out everything here, and we’re confident you’ll have gotten the most out of your state fair experience. And you’ll know why they call it the 12 Best Days of Summer.

Chris Kaltenbach
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