Your official Orioles playoffs drinking game

There's no secret: America's favorite past time is made even more past time-y with a cold beer (or two).

In that spirit, we're offering a drinking game as you watch the Orioles start their momentous post-season run. This game can work for the Detroit games, starting Thursday, and beyond.

Necessary disclaimer: Drinking in excess is bad, mmkay? Don't drink and drive, don't drink and operate heavy machinery, don't drink and start bar fights, don't drink and adopt animals.

Take a sip ...

• For every visible bubblegum bubble Adam Jones blows.

• Every time an analyst points out Chris Davis' suspension.

• If Adam Jones pies a teammate. Take another if the flavor of pie is identified. Finish drink if Adam Jones receives a pie to the face.

• If Nick Markakis hits a single.

• If any Baltimore Raven is shown at a game.

• If picture of the Inner Harbor is shown. Or steamed crabs.

• If there's a bizarre reference to "The Wire."

• When @gorelickingood updates the Orioles post-season run differential.

• If Buck Showalter challenges a call.

• When someone on your social media feed complains about the announcer’s bias against the Orioles.

Take a shot ...

• if Kevin Gausman's love of doughnuts is mentioned.

• When Nelson Cruz hits a home run.

• If Kate Upton is shown on television (Justin Verlander, her boyfriend, is pitching Friday).

• If there's a bizarre "Wire" reference paired with an "8 Mile" reference.

• If Michael Phelps shows up (drinking-game irony!).

• When an Orioles catcher throws out a runner trying to steal a base.

Finish your drink ...

• if an Orioles third baseman makes an error. 

• When TBS promotes repeats of "The Big Bang Theory."

• If someone mentions the probability of a Baltimore-Washington World Series.

• If Miley Cyrus' "We Can't Stop" is played going in or out of a commercial break.

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