What's new on DVD this week

"Lincoln Lawyer," "Rango" and more hitting stores

Matthew McConaughey goes back to his "A Time to Kill" roots as a lawyer who works from the back of his Lincoln Continental. Tough times. Just keep livin', Matt. Ryan Phillipe and Marisa Tomei are along for the ride. Extras: "One on One" with McConaughey and Michael Connelly, who wrote the book; deleted scenes. DVD, $14.99; Blu-ray, $17.99

Johnny Depp reteams with his original "Pirates of the Caribbean" director Gore Verbinski and stars as a chameleon suffering an identity crisis in this animated take on Western tropes. Extras: an alternate ending; 10 deleted scenes; filmmakers's commentary; storyboard reel picture-in-picture (Blu-ray). DVD, $15.99; Blu-ray, $19.99. Out Friday

ENTOURAGE: THE COMPLETE SEVENTH SEASON: Study up to prepare for the final season with the "Entourage" boy-men, premeiring July 24 on HBO. Extras: "Inside the Hollywood Highlife" featurette; "The Shades of Sasha Grey," a look into the world fo the adult film star; audio commentaries. DVD, $22.99; Blu-ray, $26.99

The surprise hit low-budget horror film is now here to scare the wits out of you at home. Unless your home is already haunted like the one in the film. Extras: "On Set With 'Insidious'" featurette; "Insidious Entities," about the casting of the ghosts/demons; featurette "Horror 101:The Exclusive Seminar." DVD, $15.99; Blu-ray, $19.99

ARTHUR: Baltimore-bred Jason Winer takes on the classic 1981 Dudley Moore comedy, this time starring Russell Brand and Helen Mirren. Go back and watch the original. Sorry, Mirren. We still got love for you, though. Extras: deleted scenes. DVD, $14.99; Blu-ray, $22.99


UNCLE BOONMEE WHO CAN RECALL HIS PAST LIVES: The art-house Cannes-winner is a fantasy about the odd, sort-of freaky, sort-of touchy visions of a dying man. In Thai with English subtitles. Extras: director interview DVD, $18.99; Blu-ray, $20.99

All titles out Tuesday unless otherwise noted. Retail prices are via as of Monday