The Vespertine, The Chameleon Cafe

How to Make a Vespertine 2 measures Bulldog gin 1 measure Smooth Ambler vodka 1/2 measure Lillet Blanc 1/4 measure Ramazzotti amaro Lemon twist Mix liquids with ice in a shaker over ice; shake four-five times, then strain into a martini glass; twist lemon over glass; garnish. The Vespertine is a clever spin on the Bond martini crafted at Lauraville's Chameleon Cafe by general manager and self-proclaimed cocktail nerd Matt Weaver. "Originally, the drink was made with quinine, which made the [original cocktail] Vesper very distinct. Today you can't use quinine, but I wanted to pay tribute, as well as draw upon inspiration from my own life." Vespertine is one of Weaver's favorite albums. The result is a darkly whimsical amalgamation of Bond and Bjork: smooth, mysterious and inventive. Read more about the cocktail here.
Gene Sweeney Jr./Baltimore Sun
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