As the weather cools, the Baltimore area comes alive with arts and entertainment events -- concerts, theater and dance performances, book readings, art exhibits and more. This annual guide offers an overview of the season's most-anticipated shows, plus insights into the people behind them.

Fifteen picks covering a little bit of everything for the best fall events in Baltimore.
Recently, the summer concert season has felt predictable and bland, led by music festivals with the requisite big names across many genres, filling time on multiple stages. This fall, however, is considerably more varied and interesting. It’s a time to reconnect with old favorites, often pushing new albums, or to see if the buzz surrounding a rising band is real. Sometimes, it’s an opportunity to see if a classic act still has it. Either way, the fall tends to grab music fans’ imaginations, and this season should be no different. For more arts and entertainment events in fall 2018, check out The Baltimore Sun's fall arts guide.
Best bets for classical music events in the Baltimore area for Fall 2018.
From Russian folk to Lion Dance, these Baltimore-area groups keep in touch with their roots while having fun.
The best dance offerings in the Baltimore for the fall.
Long hours, constantly scouring sources for new clothes and designing original garments. Welcome to the life of a Baltimore-area costume designer.
Ten movies or movie-related happenings you won't want to miss this fall.
The best theater offerings in the Baltimore-area for the fall.
Less than a decade ago, pundits were decrying the imminent death of brick-and-mortar book bins. But not only did independent bookstores locally and nationally refuse to go away, they began rebounding. Here's how they did it.
Bookworms, it’s time to crawl out from your beloved retreat beneath the spine and between the leaves of an overturned tome. Fall 2018 will be a banner season for literary events, with readings scheduled from such modern-day luminaries as Colson Whitehead, Paul Beatty, and Susan Orlean. So many fans were clamoring to meet romance novelist Nicholas Sparks that his October reading in Westminster sold out months in advance. These events are worth putting aside your reading glasses to attend.
At the Fray, Creative Labs and Orion at Fillmore, Baltimore artists of many backgrounds find space to work and show off their works.
The whole notion of attending an art exhibit these days is in flux. No longer does it exclusively involve gazing at pretty pictures — though there’s plenty of that. Scroll through this list of fall visual arts highlights and you’ll find opportunities to make bread, attend a lecture or live performance, watch a film, go on a hike, enjoy tea, and confront your preconceptions involving race. Perhaps the message to be gleaned from these offerings is that art isn’t meant to be separate from the rest of your life, but part of it.
From "Beetlejuice" to the New York Film Festival, these are the fall events arts lovers