Superfood cocktails: Fruits, vegetables and, oh yeah, alcohol, too

"Superfood" has become a health (and marketing) buzz word in recent years. Foods such as blueberries, acai berries, oranges, tomatoes and dark leafy greens are densely packed with nutrients, so upping your intake can give you a nutritional boost. Of course, man cannot live on multigrain bread alone -- we like our cocktails too, and some inventive mixologists have found ways to add superfoods to their libations. So can you drink your way to good health? Probably not. "Some research suggests that drinking in moderation -- up to one drink a day for women or two for men -- may offer some health benefits, especially for the heart," said Alison Massey, a dietitian at Mercy Medical Center. "It isn't clear, however, if moderate drinking actually benefits everyone." For those of us who do partake, Baltimore offers an array superfood cocktails, and we asked two dietitians -- Massey and Anna-Lisa Finger, the nutritionist at the Johns Hopkins Weight Management Center -- to break down the benefits of a few local beverages. See how these drinks stacked up in terms of fuel and flavor. --Clare Lochary
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