Capital Gazette wins special Pulitzer Prize citation for coverage of newsroom shooting that killed five

Mike Sragow's unabashed movie ecstasies

Every time someone asks me "What are your guilty pleasures?" they come away disappointed. I think movies were created for pleasure, high and low; a colleague who shares that view, David Sterritt, titled his last book "Guiltless Pleasures," and one of the greatest film critics of all time, novelist and screenwriter Graham Greene, called his collected reviews "The Pleasure Dome." I feel no sinfulness, regret or shame, only pride and joy, in recommending the 115 titles here (in alphabetical order) -- a number picked to honor the history of movies from 1895-2010.--Michael Sragow •Printable list of all 115 films •For the latest film news from Baltimore to Hollywood visit Mike Sragow Gets ReelMike Sragow's 13 great haunted house movies
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