Capital Gazette wins special Pulitzer Prize citation for coverage of newsroom shooting that killed five

The supermom

The creative culture thrives on Pinterest. So much cleverness. So many great ideas. Any parent who anticipates hosting a children¿s birthday party anytime soon needs to get on there on the double if, for nothing else, they want to learn all the adorable things one can do with cupcakes. Sure, there are the folks giddy about cutting crayons into bitty pieces, loading them into heart-shaped muffin tins and baking chunky rainbow-colored crayon hearts. There's certainly a lot of that. But people -- real people who haven't fallen headlong into the Martha Stewart rabbit hole -- will also give you ideas for decorating a nursery, a technique to cut an apple so that it's a little edible puzzle, and a way to turn cupcakes on their sides, add Gummi worms and create a truly impressive caterpillar.
David Cowles, Special to The Baltimore Sun
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