1. The Jolly Pig

thejollypig.com, @thejollypig The first time you see this hot pink food truck, it's hard not to giggle at the paint job. And co-owner Joann Calwell is just so, uh, jolly, you can't help but smile. The Jolly Pig serves sliders, but the truck's specialty is the selection of four kinds of pulled pork tacos: Korean BBQ, Peking Pork, Jamaican Jerk and the daily special. You can order two tacos for $8 or three for $11 -- or mix and match them. That might be what we love most about Jolly Pig: options. Everybody loves options. Credit cards: Yes Try this: We paired the Korean BBQ taco with the Peking Pork taco -- the Pig's two most popular items, according to Calwell. While the Peking Pork taco had better texture (thanks to the French fried onions), we swooned over the Korean BBQ taco's irresistibly spicy homemade sauce. The pulled pork was as tender as it gets, nestled in an even softer taco. This is food truck fare at its best: Unassuming, unexpected and utterly delicious.
Colby Ware, Baltimore Sun
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