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Movie trailer of the week: Daniel Radcliffe in 'The Woman in Black'

Frightened by mechanical monkey toys? This one may not be for you.

Here's some lessons learned from the trailer for ghost-story "The Woman in Black," scheduled for release Feb. 3, 2012 and co-starring Ciaran Hinds and Janet McTeer. It's the story of a lawyer (Radcliffe) who heads to a village to get a dead client's estate in order. This was previously a book and a play and a TV movie. 

1. I never knew a child reciting rhyming poetry could sound creepy. But here we are. Also puzzling: Though the film looks to be set in English (or somewhere similarly slate-gray), poetry child speaks with an American accent.

2. Monkey toy orchestras should now be officially banned.

3. For the love of "The Others," this place is overrun by children staring at you through windows!

4. Take away the creepy children — and messages written in blood on the wall — that village looks awfully cute.

5. That scene at the end. I may have gasped.

Take a look for yourself. If you dare.


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