Quiz: Top Ten confusing restaurant concepts

From the Dining@Large blog:

I hate it when I confuse my "upscale localvore-focused contemporary American dining experiences" with my "cozy, casual and affordable French Brasseries with an American feel." But I managed to do that recently in a blog post.

The mistake -- I'd mixed up descriptions for two restaurants mentioned in the same press release -- just came to my attention yesterday. And it got me thinking about how restaurants bill themselves these days.

Which brings me to this week's list, which is actually a quiz:

Top Ten confusing restaurant concepts

(See if you can match the description to the restaurants listed below; answers at the end)

1. "Upscale localvore-focused contemporary American dining experience"

2. "Cozy, casual and affordable French Brasserie with an American feel"

3. "[BLEEP] is an upscale-chic dining destination led by the culinary direction of renowned Executive Chef [BLEEP]. The ever-evolving menu utilizes the freshest seasonal and local ingredients combined with savory imported offerings."

4. "Where food meets fashion"

5. "[BLEEP] is an explosive celebration of Asian culture taking three of the most popular styles of cooking from the orient and bringing them together on a stage set with the performance energy of a rock concert."

6. "Improvisational dining is the concept at the heart of the menu format which balances heavy and light preparations and allows each guest to dine according to their own preferences."

7. "Our menu caters to diverse tastes; where else can your party enjoy a breakfast burrito, Thai chicken and mint salad, wild Maine blueberry pancakes, a green chile cheeseburger, and a vegan bbq riblet sandwich simultaneously?"

8. "Executive Chef [BLEEP]'s seasonal entreés showcase classic flavor combinations prepared with fresh, local ingredients."

This one doesn't sound confusing at all. The confusion comes later, when those old-fashioned, heirloom tomatoes grown just down the road at Farmer Brown's arrived on your plate as savory ice cream.

9. "Baltimore's first sous vide restaurant."

Clear enough, unless you're part of the overwhelming majority of the population that's never heard of "sous vide"

10. "[BLEEP] is an eccentric, Technicolor version of a diner serving up savory nosh that is more cultured than your typical grilled cheese."

Restaurants: Milan, Jack's Bistro, 208 Talbot, Golden West Cafe, brique, Brasserie Brightwell, Charleston, Tatu, Charleston, Volt

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