New bar The Park Bench opens in South Baltimore, replacing Boomer's

From the Midnight Sun blog:

South Baltimore has a new bar called the Park Bench.

The place where Boomer's on the Hill used to be officially re-opened in early November without much fanfare or even a sign.

It had been under renovation for a year.

Owner Stephen Gronowski, who's also a manager at Don't Know Tavern, said he hopes the place will become "a nice little neighborhood spot."

The bar carries a small beer selection and sits about 40 people, Gronowski said.

Boomer's, which was well known for its Wii, closed in November. Gronowski took over a couple of months later.

Park Bench has eight beers on tap - including Heavy Seas and Guinness. And Gronowski said he wants to have ten bottled beers soon. He also plans to add food early next year.

Alcohol is moderately priced. Calls are $6 and drafts in the $4-$5.50 range, Grownoski said.

There's still work to be done: a sign hasn't yet been posted outside, and the name is still somewhat undecided on; Gronowski has gone back and forth between The Park Bench and just Park Bench. (He also doesn't know if or when there will be a grand opening; this is his busy season at Don't Know.)

But "there's definitely room for growth," the owner said.

Grownowski spent a year renovating the space with a couple of friends, as he worked his day job at Don't Know.

Though he was business partners with Jason Zink of No Idea and Don't Know, for a year and a half, it's his first solo project.

"I was looking to do something on my own," he said.

The Park Bench is at 1749 Belt St. It is open Tuesdays through Saturdays from 6 p.m. until 2 a.m.