Jaw-dropping headlines

Sun restaurant critic

When I first started reviewing, not only did I have to worry about bad restaurant meals and outraged owners, I had to be wary of the headline writers at The Sun. I would open the newspaper, and my jaw would drop. Here are a few of my favorite headlines from the '70s, my first decade on the job:

  • Viet dinner experience beats the war
  • Despair after sundown
  • Sauced at a Spanish outpost
  • (No, I hadn't been drunk. I had complained about too much sauce on my main course.)
  • The Candle-light Inn has candles
  • They shoot piano players, don't they?
  • (And I had complained about him so gently in the review.)
  • The ambience is fine; too bad you can't eat it
  • Muzak wasn't loud enough to drown out drunk in Oak Room
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