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'Dexter' Season 6 secrets revealed

Showtime's "Dexter" is one of our go-to shows. And with every new season there's a bit of mystery about guest stars and what's next for Dex. Some things are now (sort-of) cleared up!

Entertainment Weekly chatted with producer Scott Buck about the upcoming sixth season (likely due in late September/early October). Here's our favorite tidbits (spoilers below!):

•••• Season 6 flashes a full year forward from the grim Julia Stiles-infused Season 5. And we'll see more of single daddy Dexter's (Michael C. Hall) relationship with his young son. Dexter has always known what he doesn’t want to pass onto his son — his 'dark passenger' — but now he’s beginning to ask what he does want to pass on," Buck told EW. "So that’s forcing him to look around to see what else there is in life.”

•••• Does Dexter find religion? Buck said Dexter's soul searching leads him to the door of a religious studies professor (guest star Edward James Olmos) who has a dark secret Dexter relates to. Of course. “This is someone more in line with the Zodiac Killer … He kills people with great conviction. This is probably the first serial killer we’ve had who thinks he’s in the right,” Buck said of Olmos' character, Professor Gellar.On a related note, Mariana Klaveno ("True Blood's evil Lorena) will likely play a colleague of Olmos' character. 

•••• Other guests for Season 6 include Colin Hanks (vaguely identified as Travis, an acquaintance of Professor Gellar); Molly Parker (Travis' sister) and Mos Def (as a religious ex-convict, Brother Sam).

Excited for Season 6? 

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