How Love Happens: Bill and Nancy Devine

Bill and Nancy Devine of Faidley Seafood at their 1958 wedding. Bill Devine is fond of telling any crab cake customer who asks that he’s not the owner of Faidley’s. “I sleep with the owner,” he’ll say. Devine and Nancy Faidley met back in 1958. She was a blind date, a schoolteacher in Halethorpe whose family had a fish business, billed by the guy who fixed them up as a “good-looking blond Catholic girl.” He was a Naval officer in Norfolk, just back on base after six months in the Mediterranean. He was willing to drive to Baltimore, in bad weather, for a date. “Came up in a blinding snowstorm in mid-March,” recalled Devine, 78. It was worth the trip. “We hadn’t been dating two weeks when we decided” to get married, he said. There was no formal proposal, no getting down on one knee. Just a near-instant understanding between them that they were meant for each other. “It was a mutual decision, ‘Hey, why don’t we do this?’” he said. “I guess when you know, you know.” Devine shipped out that June 1 for 60 days and got back two days before their wedding, which took place Aug. 16. Toward the end of his tour, he was able to call Nancy, now 74, from sea. “You had to go down to the radio shack and call into Boston,” he said. “She answered the phone. I said, “We still getting married?’ and she said, ‘Who’s calling?’”
Devine family photo
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