Man vs. Food Challenge at Chick and Ruth's

Calories: 7093 Total fat: 393g The warm, friendly Chick and Ruth's Delly in Annapolis seems like the last place you would find a gut-busting food challenge. The Man vs. Food Challenge ($28) is a stomach-stretching adventure that pits a willing participant against a six-pound milkshake and a one-pound hamburger. If that sounds like a lot, you're right. It's made from a one-pound beef patty burger paired with 3/4 gallon of milkshake (your choice of flavor). Adam Richman, the "Man vs. Food" host, finished this challenge in 52 minutes, just under the 60 that the restaurant gives contestants. The record time for finishing this challenge is an unbelievable 6 minutes. Win, and you get a T-shirt and your photo posted on the restaurant's website. Anyone can try to finish this colossal amount of food, but eaters beware: They make everyone sign a waiver saying that if they hurl in the process of eating, they have to clean it up themselves.
John Houser III, Baltimore Sun
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