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(collection appears Sunday) How long did it take you to put this collection together? Hmm about 8 months Name of designer: Justin Head Age of designer: 27 Where designer is from: Upper Marlboro, Md Where designer lives now: Indian Head, Md Describe your line in 10 words or less: High-end glamorous chic, with a BIG splash of color. What is the inspiration for this line? I was walking through my neighborhood and in someone’s drive way I saw an old 1990 something Porsche 914 that was bright orange. Beside it was a big green recycling bin and next to that was a new gold 2011 Nissan Murano. (I like cars) For some reason I decided to go fabric shopping that weekend and found fabric to those colors and from there it’s like the fabric spoke to me and the rest was history. Which famous designer do you respect most? I admire Zac Posen. But I do love some Dolce & Gabanna. Zac is very young and talented. I admire him for going after his dreams at such a young age. For a very long time I knew I wanted to be a designer, but for the first time ever I will admit that I was once afraid of success. Dolce & Gabanna’s clothes are so fun, hip, yet structured and chic. Tips to finding the right fabric? For me fabric seems to just let me know what it’s going to be when I see it. Oh and I love it when I see it !!
Lloyd Fox, Baltimore Sun
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