2012: Worst celebrities

1. Lindsay Lohan Look, we feel bad for Lohan. As bad as we can for someone who makes the same awful mistakes year after year. And though it's, uh, impressive to be charged with assault in New York City and then charged just hours later in California for three more crimes, it's also pretty damn ridiculous. Those three other crimes: Willfully resisting and obstructing an officer, providing false information to an officer and reckless driving. But you kind of knew that already. More that went down for Lohan this year: Having her bank accounts seized by the IRS, having Charlie Sheen -- Charlie. Sheen. -- loan her money, starring in the awful "Liz & Dick" movie on Lifetime (which she also should have been arrested for), calling the police on her mother, finding out she had a half-sister and allegedly hitting people -- twice -- with her car. Even the Playboy spread was sad.
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