7.) Kommie Pig

kommiepig.com // @kommiepigbbq // Credit cards: Yes Too often, restaurants promote an item as spicy only to deliver a bland meal with extra black pepper on top. The barbecue truck Kommie Pig gets it right with its spicy pulled chicken sandwich ($7.50 for just the sandwich or $11 for a platter with two sides). After the chicken is smoked for two to three hours, a blend of red pepper, black pepper, Crystal extra-hot hot sauce, vinegar, Old Bay and barbecue sauce is added for a true kick, according to co-owner Robert Raber. Kommie Pig's pulled pork and smoked ribs have won many fans since the truck first hit the road in 2012, but it's the spicy chicken sandwich that left a lasting impression. Just don't forget to wash it down with something cold.
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