b rants: Rawlings-Blake, Dixon and more

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You need money to go shopping? i am broke trying to keep a roof over my head and my daughter!

Thank God we survived Hurricane Irene.

What pisses me off is the person who stole my T-Mobile Sidekick with the picture of my baby on it from the 20 bus.

It’s a damn shame a veteran has to just about be dead before they get any attention. The Baltimore Veterans Affairs is the worst V.A. that I’ve ever had to deal with.

MTA drivers need to leave their attitudes and drive the bus. It’s nobody’s fault but your own that you hate your job.

I kind of agree with the rant about [hiring] extra police officers. With the department that’s proven the only thing it can do with any proficiency is shoot and kill unarmed people, run drugs and accept kick-backs from cooperators, maybe firing 300 people would be a fresh alternative, not hiring them.

I hate when grown children knock on my door for uniforms for their school. That’s why you have parents or you can go around making side money by cutting grass or just wear the uniform you wore last year. Stop knocking on my door.

I’d take Dixon over Rawlings-Blake any day. At least Dixon had personality.

If you spend all your time on Facebook and Twitter, you’re not living your life; you’re watching other people live theirs.

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