It's time for the second round of our Maryland Film/TV Showdown. While there weren't many surprises, a few underdogs pulled ahead to battle it out for the best of Baltimore. In case you missed the original 64, here's the first round, with descriptions of the "teams." Voting for this round ends Tuesday.

The Divine Region

Best of John Waters

(1) Hairspray vs. (9) Pecker

In the only unanimous vote in the tournament, "Hairspray" conquered "The Diane Linkletter Story." Now it meets "Pecker," which beat "Mondo Trasho."

(5) Female Trouble vs. (4) Desperate Living

"Female Trouble" vs. "A Dirty Shame" was a close one, but Divine won out. He goes up against another John Waters fixture, Mink Stole, in "Desperate Living," which won over "Roman Candles."

(6) Polyester vs. (3) Cry-Baby

"Polyester," which faced off against "Multiple Maniacs," moves on. So does Johnny Depp; "Cry-Baby" proved victorious over "Eat Your Makeup."

(7) Serial Mom vs. (2) Pink Flamingos

"Serial Mom" and "Pink Flamingos" were the clear winners here; they beat "Cecil B. DeMented" and "Hag in a Black Leather Jacket," respectively.

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