It's time for the second round of our Maryland Film/TV Showdown. While there weren't many surprises, a few underdogs pulled ahead to battle it out for the best of Baltimore. In case you missed the original 64, here's the first round, with descriptions of the "teams." Voting for this round ends Tuesday.

The Avon Barksdale Region

Best of Maryland TV: Shows that take place in Maryland

(1) The Wire vs. (8) Roc

In the least shocking result in history, "The Wire" beat out "Family Rules" by a nearly unanimous vote. Now it goes up against "Roc," which surpassed "In Treatment" by a much slimmer margin.

(5) Hannibal vs. (4) House of Cards

Voters had a taste for blood in choosing "Hannibal" over "Flesh 'n' Blood." It faces another popular and currently running show, "House of Cards," which beat "Cuts."

(6) Veep vs. (3) The Corner

Julia Louis-Dreyfus for president! "Veep," not "Life"s Work," moves on, where it faces David Simon's "The Corner" (it beat "In The Beginning.")

(7) Ace of Cakes vs. (2) Homicide

Baltimore has a sweet tooth for "Ace of Cakes," which defeated "One on One." Simon has another winner on his hands; "Homicide" moves on over "Men."

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