Test your 'I Love Lucy' knowledge

1. In the episode "Lucy Has Her Eyes Examined?" (it will be re-created in the "I Love Lucy Live on Stage" production at the Hippodrome), Lucy gets a dance lesson from:

a)Van Johnson


b)William Parker

c)The Crazy Dancin' Bear


d)"King Cat" Walsh

2. When Lucy tests Ricky's fidelity in "The Black Wig" episode, she and Ethel disguise themselves for a date with the guys at an Italian restaurant. How does Lucy describe the outfit hastily supplied by costumer "Mother Carol" for Ethel:

a)Like a bad dream you'd have after eating too much Chinese food.

b)Like something you'd find in the Young & Modern department.

c)Like an ad for a trip around the world.

d)Like something she's made with her own two feet.

3. In "The Operetta" episode, Ethel gets a solo song, "Lily of the Valley." Complete this line from the lyrics: "When other girls go walking, on their arm they have their swell beau. But whenever I go walking, on my arm is _______ "

4. Which one of these lines does Lucy NOT use to describe her old boyfriend, Tom Henderson, in the episode "Lucy Changes Her Mind"?


a)There's only one way to say it: Short, fat and bald.

b)Looks like my hunk has shrunk.

c)He isn't half the man he used to be.

d)He was certainly a gorgeous hunk of man.

5. During their European trip, the Ricardos and Mertzes meet Italian movie director Vittorio Felipe on their trip to Rome. He asks Lucy to be in his upcoming movie, which is titled "_______________."

6. On the plane ride back from Europe, where does Lucy hide 30 pounds of cheese to avoid paying customs on arrival in New York?


a)In a tuba

b)In Ethel's suitcase

c)In Ricky's band instruments

d)In Fred's money belt

7. In "The Benefit" episode (which will also be re-created in "I Love Lucy Live on Stage"), what number do Ricky and Lucy perform in between telling corny old jokes?:

a)"Shortnin' Bread"


b)"We'll Build a Bungalow"

c) "12th Street Rag"


8. In the episode "Off to Florida," Lucy and Ethel get a ride from the strange Mrs. Grundy (played by Elsa Lanchester), who offers to share her ________ sandwich with them.

9. When the gang arrives in California for Ricky's big movie deal, Lucy and the Mertzes head off to the Brown Derby restaurant where they will soon spot William Holden. What does Lucy order for lunch?

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a)Arroz con pollo


b)Cobb salad

c)Lamb chops

d)Spaghetti and meatballs

10. In the "Charm School" episode, beauty expert Mrs. Emerson instructs Lucy and Ethel on improving their deportment. "One doesn't walk along like a sack of meal," she says. "One glides. Let the ________ go first, the body after."


1: d. 2: c. 3: "just my elbow." 4: a. 5: "Bitter Grapes." 6: c. 7: b. 8: watercress. 9: d. 10: hips.