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Single Carrot Theatre premieres "Blind from Here"

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Single Carrot Theatre takes something of a rock-y turn with "Blind from Here."

Single Carrot Theatre commendably showcases works by company members from time to time, but, in my experience, those works can be awfully uneven. Alix Fenhagen's "Blind From Here" is the latest case in point.

This cross-country saga of an indie band with a troubled lead singer and some bad luck doesn't exactly rock. The drama loses steam early on, despite a couple of theatrically promising incidents. And the songs by Paul Diem, Stephen Nunns, Jack Sossman and Michael Kerr tend toward the generic.

Still, the piece, deftly directed by Nunns, gets an impressive staging.

Britt Olsen-Ecker is a powder keg as the lead singer, who has trouble seeing (in more ways than one); her performance reveals a natural drive and a good deal of nuance. Andrew Porter does the whole rocker-stoner-boozer routine very persuasively, and a wig-sporting Diem offers effective, volatile work as band member Christopher. 

There are dynamic contributions from Holly Gibbs (she gets to do a stint as Mama Cass in a dream sequence, among other things) and Jessica Garrett as Girl (gamely stepping in for an ailing colleague on short notice to complete the show's run). Sequences involving these two actresses as voices on the radio heard by the band on its road trip are quite clever.

Everyone goes all-out on Nathan Fulton's atmospheric set, but the energy doesn't quite disguise the slender material.


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If you go

"Blind from Here" runs through Sunday at Single Carrot Theatre, 2800 N. Howard St. $10 to $30. 443-844-9253,