Glenelg High student disciplined for displaying Confederate flag at football game

A Glenelg High School student has been disciplined by the Howard County Public School System after displaying a Confederate flag during a football game at River Hill last Friday.

In a statement issued on the school system's website Tuesday, Superintendent Renee Foose addressed the issue and said that the incident was "a teachable moment" for the system's 53,000 students.

"To many of us, the Confederate flag is a powerful symbol of racism, hatred, and unspeakable acts against humanity," she said. "The Howard County Public School System has policies that address Civility, Student Conduct, and Safe Schools. Collectively, these policies support a culture that is intolerant of hateful and disruptive behaviors, words, and symbols."

The incident also prompted Howard County Executive Ken Ulman to speak out. Ulman, who is the Democratic candidate for Lt. Governor, also released a statement Tuesday. 

"Public displays of the Confederate flag evoke division, hate and subjugation -- precisely the opposite of the values we hold in Howard County, and in Maryland," he said. "We must teach our kids why this is such a hurtful symbol to so many people.  We must fight against injustice and intolerance in any form, especially at our schools." 

The student displayed the flag in the back of the stands where Glenelg fans were sitting during the season-opening game between Glenelg and River Hill. A Glenelg school official said that the student was approached and the flag was removed shortly after it had been displayed.