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Towson U. gets stricter about tailgates

Students who wish to tailgate for Towson University football games must attend a "risk reduction workshop" before getting a parking pass, one in a series of stricter new rules put in place after officials opted against a full ban this week.

At last Saturday's tailgate in the designated student lot, Lot 14, students were dancing on the roofs of cars and were "hostile" and "uncooperative," according to Towson officials. Deb Moriarty, Towson's vice president for student affairs, was so concerned by the behavior and the potential risk to student safety she asked a group of other top officials to consider a ban on student tailgates Wednesday.

The group opted not to ban tailgating, but consulted with student leaders over the next couple of days to form the new rules, which were released Friday in advance of Saturday's game against the University of Maine. They will remain in place for the rest of this season and likely into the future, Towson spokesman Ray Feldmann said.

Students must attend a risk reduction workshop that could last up to 30 minutes to get a parking permit for use on the lot, according to the new rules. No pickup trucks are allowed. Each student over the age of 21 may bring in no more than a six-pack of beer.

Additional security staff will also be on hand to monitor the crowd on Saturday, officials said.

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