Delegate files complaint with ethics panel over Dance's consulting job

A Maryland legislator has filed a complaint with the Baltimore County school board's ethics panel, saying he wants them to rule on whether Superintendent Dallas Dance violated board policy when he took a part-time job with a company doing business with the school system.

Dance took a part-time job in August, training Chicago principals with a for-profit company that had received a $875,000 contract with the school system in December 2012. He also did not notify the board ahead of time about the job, which his contract required. He said that he thought he only had to disclose to the board once a year.

Dance resigned his job this month with SUPES Academy of Illinois after his association with the company was made public and he was criticized by legislators.

Del. Patrick A. McDonough, a Republican representing Baltimore and Harford counties, believes Dance had a conflict of interest and filed the complaint Dec. 20.

The head of the school board's ethics panel, which is an independent body, declined to comment Monday about McDonough's complaint.

But after meeting with Dance behind closed doors earlier this month, the school board said in a statement that it reviewed Dance's contract and the school system's ethics policy and found that "there is no indication that Dr. Dance's performance as superintendent was in any way adversely impacted" by the consulting.

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