Baltimore County school board calls for investigation into ‘inappropriate audio’ that interrupted meeting

Baltimore County Board of Education members are calling on state authorities to investigate “inappropriate audio” of what sounded like a moaning woman that interrupted a late-night board meeting Tuesday.

School board members and administrators said in a statement Thursday that they were “very concerned” about the incident, which occurred after 1 a.m. near the end of the board meeting. Numerous elected officials, staff and members of the community attended the public meeting, including the student representative to the board.


County schools spokesman Brandon Oland said the school system has received complaints about the incident.

Board officers Kathleen Causey and Julie Henn, in consultation with Superintendent Darryl Williams, have asked the Maryland Office of the Inspector General for Education to investigate the cause of the interruption, according to a news release. Officials said they do not know whether the meeting was hacked, but asked that it be part of the investigation.


Inspector General for Education Richard Henry did not immediately respond to a request for comment Thursday evening.

“We regret that this incident occurred and are looking at what steps can be taken in the future so nothing like this occurs again,” district leaders said in the statement.

The incident poses a transparency dilemma for public officials since the board meetings constitute official government record. The meeting is no longer posted on the Baltimore County School Board webpage.

In the statement, school board legal counsel advised board members to delete the “inappropriate” portion of the meeting from the publicly available recording. Williams and school system staff were directed to preserve the original recorded version for further inspection as part of any investigation.