One week after Salisbury University cancels class for racist threats, Maryland State Police investigate another incident

One week after officials canceled class at Salisbury University following racist threats on campus, police are investigating another incident at a nearby bar and restaurant.

Maryland State Police said Thursday that they were called to the 1400 block of S. Salisbury Blvd., just a half-mile from campus, Wednesday night around 9:30 p.m. after the business owner reported racist comments in the women’s bathroom. Authorities did not name the owner or establishment.


When officers arrived, police said, they found multiple descriptive racial phrases scratched into the bathroom stall doors and walls. Police said the epithets were placed so they would immediately be seen upon entering the bathroom.

Police said they are looking for a suspect and continuing to investigate the incident. Authorities did not immediately respond to calls for comment about whether this incident is tied to others in the area.


Salisbury’s campus police worked with the FBI on Feb. 19 to identify a suspect who drew graffiti that threatened black students with lynching in the Henson Science Hall on the campus. Officials have not released the person’s name but said they do not believe the individual is a member of the campus community.

University President Charles A. Wight canceled classes after the Feb. 19 discovery to “provide a day of healing following the most recent incident of threatening, racially charged vandalism.” Classes resumed Friday.

Last November, police at the university started an investigation into “similar messages scrawled on the walls of two stairwells in Fulton Hall,” officials said in a statement.

Baltimore Sun wires contributed to this article.