Maryland is home to some of the top-ranked colleges and universities in the nation, according to the 2019 U.S. News & World Report rankings.

The annual report, released Monday, shows Maryland with a strong presence in nearly every category.


The University of Maryland, Baltimore County was designated as the ninth most innovative university in the country. The state flagship — the University of Maryland, College Park — is the 22nd best national public school.

Johns Hopkins University sits at No. 10 among best national universities and three of Maryland’s historically black institutions rank within the country’s top 30.

Below, you can find which Maryland schools ranked in the top 100 of each category:

Best National Universities

These schools provide a full range of undergraduate majors, along with master’s and doctoral degrees. They often place strong emphasis on research. U.S. News considers 311 schools in this category.

No. 10: Johns Hopkins University

No. 63: University of Maryland, College Park

Best National Liberal Arts Colleges

These schools emphasize undergraduate education. Schools in this category must award at least 50 percent of their degrees in the liberal arts. U.S. considers 233 schools in this category.

No. 22: U.S. Naval Academy

No. 61: St. John’s College

No. 95: St. Mary's College of Maryland

Best Regional Universities (North)

These schools offer a full range of undergraduate programs and graduate programs, at the master’s level. They typically offer just a few, if any, doctoral programs. U.S. News considers 656 total schools in this category, which is broken down by North, South, Midwest and West.

No. 5: Loyola University Maryland

No. 41: Mount St. Mary's University

No 43. Hood College


No. 50: Towson University

No. 81: Notre Dame of Maryland University

No. 81: Stevenson University

No. 87: Salisbury University

Top Public Schools


No. 22: University of Maryland, College Park

No. 87: University of Maryland, Baltimore County

National Liberal Arts

No. 2: U.S. Naval Academy

No. 6: St. Mary’s College of Maryland

Regional (North)

No. 12: Towson University

No. 22: Salisbury University

No. 40: Frostburg State University

Best Value Schools

“Best value” rankings are based on three variables: the ratio of quality to price, the percentage of undergrads receiving need-based financial aid and the average discount.


No. 18: Johns Hopkins University

Liberal Arts

No. 26: St. John’s College

No. 98: Washington College

Regional (North)

No. 16: Hood College

No. 32: Mount St. Mary’s University

No. 47: Stevenson University

No. 49: Loyola University Maryland

No. 51: Notre Dame of Maryland University

No 67: Salisbury University

No. 68: Towson University

Historically Black Colleges and Universities

U.S. News ranked 76 HBCUs.

No. 14: Morgan State University

No. 17: University of Maryland, Eastern Shore

No. 27: Bowie State University

No. 53: Coppin State University

Most Innovative Schools

College officials were asked to nominate up to 15 colleges in their ranking category that they see as making the “most innovative improvements” to curriculum, students, campus life, facilities or technology.


No. 9: University of Maryland, Baltimore County

No. 18: Johns Hopkins University

National Liberal Arts

No. 12: Goucher College

Best Colleges for Veterans

These rankings are based on whether an institution is certified for the GI Bill, participates in the Yellow Ribbon Program, enrolls a minimum of 20 veterans and active service members and be in the top-half of its U.S. News ranking category.


No. 33: University of Maryland, College Park

Regional (North)

No. 22: Mount St. Mary’s Maryland

Ethnic Diversity

This list identifies colleges where students are most likely to learn next to undergraduates from a different ethnic group than their own. The closer a school’s number is to 1.0, the more diverse its student population.

Johns Hopkins (0.71)

University of Maryland, Baltimore County (0.69)

U.S. Naval Academy (0.55)