Johns Hopkins leader Daniels has seventh highest base salary among private college presidents: report

Johns Hopkins University President Ronald J. Daniels was the 30th-highest-paid private university president in the United States in 2015, The Chronicle of Higher Education reported in its annual executive compensation report. He had the seventh-highest base salary.

With earnings of $1.3 million, Daniels was the highest paid university head in the state in 2015, the most recent year listed in the report released Sunday.


While his base pay has increased each year since he became president in 2009, his overall compensation dropped in 2014 and 2015 from a high of $1.6 million in 2013, the Chronicle reported.

The Hopkins governing board last summer extended Daniels’ contract through 2024. His salary was almost double the $569,932 average pay for private college presidents. A spokesman for Daniels did not respond to a request for comment Sunday.


Nathan O. Hatch, the leader of Wake Forest University in North Carolina, was the best-paid private university president in 2015 with earnings of just over $4 million, the Chronicle reported. That included a $2.89 million deferred-compensation arrangement that accrued over 10 years and was paid out in full in 2015.

James W. Wagner, president of Emory University in Atlanta, came in second with a $2.36 million deferred-compensation payout on top of a salary of $990,000, the Chronicle reported. Presidents of the Universities of Chicago, Pennsylvania and Southern California rounded out the top five.

Average pay for university presidents nationwide rose nearly 9 percent from the previous year, the Chronicle reported.

“The number of presidents earning over $1 million is unusually high in 2015,” Dan Bauman, database reporter for The Chronicle, said in a statement. “We attribute that, in part, to a market where presidents are negotiating more deferred compensation and bonus packages before they take the job.”

Three other presidents from private universities in Maryland made the Chronicle’s top 200.

Stevenson University President Kevin J. Manning ranked No. 98, with a salary of $741,903, nearly half of it in bonus pay. Maryland Institute College of Art President Samuel Hoi was No. 167 with a salary of $533,102.

Simon Newman — the president of Mount St. Mary’s College in Western Maryland who resigned in February 2016 after he was quoted in the student newspaper comparing struggling freshmen to bunnies that should be drowned or shot — made $491,921 in 2015. He was No. 200 in the rankings. (Newman was replaced by Timothy Trainor, the dean of the college’s business school, whose appointment became permanent in June.)

University System of Maryland President Robert L. Caret, who oversees the state’s 12 public universities, made $659,026 in the 2015-2016 academic year. That was 6 percent less than he earned in his previous position as president of the Massachusetts state university system.


Caret was the 44th-highest-paid public university head in the country in the 2015-2016 academic year.

System spokesman Mike Lurie said Caret’s salary is “an appropriate reflection of the USM’s national scope and the system’s success under his leadership in having among the smallest tuition increases nationally while improving graduation rates and continuing to make the system a major economic and workforce development driver for the state of Maryland.”

The system’s governing board voted last year to award Caret a $75,000 bonus and a $30,000 raise. The board cited “his excellent leadership of a dynamic and complex organization that encompasses 12 institutions and drives economic development in our state.”

“The University System of Maryland works to compensate its top leaders at levels that allow the USM to attract and retain the best executive leadership team possible,” Lurie said.

Wallace D. Loh, president of the University of Maryland, College Park, made $573,236 in the 2015-2016 academic year, the Chronicle reported. Loh has been president of the state’s flagship university since 2010.

The state’s governing board this fall approved a $75,000 raise for Loh, a $50,000 raise to University of Maryland University College President Javier Miyares’ $360,500 salary, and $20,000 raise to Salisbury University President Janet Dudley-Eshbach’s $385,000 salary.


University of Maryland, Baltimore County President Freeman A. Hrabowski III was paid $489,330 in 2015-2016, placing him at 101st in the country, the Chronicle reported. Mickey L. Burnim, the outgoing president of Bowie State University’s, made $310,892 in 2015-16, good for 201st.