Johns Hopkins exceeds goals for supporting local businesses, hiring Baltimore residents

Johns Hopkins University and its health system surpassed its three-year goals for bolstering local companies and residents.

The HopkinsLocal initiative — launched in 2015 to promote economic growth and inclusion in Baltimore — has worked to encourage the institution to hire more Baltimore residents, buy more local products, and support more minority-owned and women-owned contractors.

Through HopkinsLocal, the university and health system have:

  • Hired 1,017 people residents living in distressed areas of the city over three years. The 381 HopkinsLocal hires in 2018 account for 47 percent of targeted positions, surpassing the goal of 40 percent.
  • Hired 402 people returning from incarceration during the same three-year period.
  • Spent $29 million more with city vendors in fiscal year 2018, exceeding the goal of spending $15 million more.
  • Committed 23.5 percent of construction spending in fiscal year 2018 to minority-owned, women-owned, and disadvantaged businesses — more than the stated goal of 19 percent.

“The impact of HopkinsLocal has surpassed our hopes and we are thrilled by the difference it is making in Baltimore and in our neighbors’ lives and on their businesses, as well as on our institution,” Johns Hopkins University President Ron Daniels said in a statement. “HopkinsLocal reflects our strong belief that real, sustained progress demands clear goals and public accountability in order to deliver on our commitment to invest in our neighbors and in the promise of our great city.”

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