CCBC adjunct professor will not return following social media posts school deems racist

The Community College of Baltimore County has distanced itself from social media posts by a former adjunct professor that the school has deemed racist.

The seven-year-adjunct professor at the community college, Kevin Barnard, ended his last semester of teaching in May and is no longer employed by the college, according to Hope Hall Davis, a spokeswoman for the college.


The series of Facebook posts were captured in screenshots and re-posted by another user, where they have been shared more than 5,300 times.

In one posting, Barnard, perhaps referring to common mobile phone spam, wrote “This bitch’s father just called me ... apparently my car warranty ran out.” The comment, with a January 2020 time stamp on it, was posted next to a picture of Rep. Ilhan Omar, a Congresswoman from Minnesota who is Muslim.


Barnard also refers to protesters as “animals” and says that “Americans do not mind our president, only Muslims and Democrats do.” Another post showed a photo of a youth using a yard trimmer with the captions “Home schooling” and “Spanish class in session."

Efforts to reach Barnard were unsuccessful. Many of his social media accounts, including Facebook, are no longer publicly accessible, and he did not respond to attempts to contact him on Twitter. He also did not return a phone and text message.

Community college officials issued a statement in response to concerns raised about Barnard’s social media posts.

“To all who have shared their disdain and disgust regarding racist posts by an individual formerly employed by the college, we hear you and share your concern,” the school wrote.

"We pride ourselves on embracing the diversity which embodies our college community and anything that goes against our institutional standard of treating all of our students with respect and decency is not and will not be tolerated.

Officials said Barnard had been an employee off and on between 2013 and May 2020. Some of the social media posts appear to have been created while he was still employed by the college.

The college said it would not have " knowingly hired someone who holds views that so strongly conflict with our values and commitment to equity and inclusion. That is not who we are."