University of Maryland officials confirm 22 cases of adenovirus

The University of Maryland College Park announced Friday in a letter to the campus community that it has confirmed 22 cases of adenovirus at the school.

Two days ago, the university reported three new cases a week after a student died from complications related to the virus.


Olivia Paregol, an 18-year-old from Howard County, died Nov. 18 at Johns Hopkins Hospital, according to her father, Ian Paregol. She had been in and out of the hospital since first developing a cough and then pneumonia earlier in the semester.

The virus, which has more than 50 strains, can cause symptoms ranging from mild colds to severe illness, including intestinal infections and neurological complications. Adenovirus can produce more serious symptoms in people with weakened immune systems.


Officials at the university’s health center said Friday that in addition to the previously announced cases, there had been other cases in early November that had only been recently confirmed.

In those cases, the individuals recovered.

The university said five specimens were sent to the Centers for Disease Control, and four of those were adenovirus 7, a form of the virus that can cause more severe symptoms, particularly in those with chronic health problems. The fifth specimen is being tested again because the first results were inconclusive, health officials said.

Officials said the university is now aware of 22 cases in total.

The university warned students and staff not to ignore flu-like symptoms and to visit a doctor within 48 hours of developing symptoms.

The university staff has increased the cleaning of surfaces on the campus.