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New Goucher College president uses off-beat videos to welcome students

The Baltimore Sun

In one video, Jose Bowen claps chalkboard erasers, organizes books on a shelf in the library, sprays lines on the athletic field and enthusiastically pops out from behind a tree.

"Are ya here yet?" the new president of Goucher College says, addressing students. "I wish you were here. I've been waiting for months to say hi to you."

In another video, the T-shirt clad Bowen drives around Towson and Baltimore in a yellow sports car with a dog in the backseat, narrating the sights to see and entertainment options. In a third video, he encourages students to not worry about choosing a major, admitting that he changed majors nine times when he was in college, and says critical thinking skills are most important.

The approach is a somewhat unconventional one, with many college students unaccustomed to seeing their president outside of an office. But more college presidents are embracing social media to connect with students, including University of Maryland, College Park President Wallace Loh, who often poses for "selfies" with them.

Bowen, a former dean of the Meadows School of the Arts at Southern Methodist University in Dallas, is a pianist and jazz musician who has spent most of his career teaching and writing about music. At least one of his videos has a soundtrack he composed.





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